Welcome to eResources Digital Learning!

Welcome to eResources Digital Learning! You will find we have added some new features and improved others. What remains is our dedication to providing Arkansas schools a one-stop shop where staff can order quality, discounted online courses in order to provide enhanced learning opportunities for their students in grades K-12.

Please explore our catalog. We offer the following types of courses:

  • Asynchronous Teacher-Led: Students attend courses led by an instructor employed by the course provider on a flexible schedule.
  • Synchronous Teacher-Led:Students will virtually attend class in real-time with a live teacher.
  • Concurrent Credit: Provides students with the ability to receive credit for both their high school diploma and college credit.
  • Content Only: Courses are intended to be used in the classroom with your teacher overseeing instruction/progress.

Click the Course Catalog tab to the left to see all we have to offer. In the catalog, the symbol indicates that the course is ADE approved to count toward the one required digital course for graduation. Please note that prices listed in the catalog and on the Providers' page do not include the administrative fees. Administrative fees in the amount of $20 per semester enrollment (members)/$30 per semester enrollment (nonmembers) will be added to the course cost listed.

Getting Started: If you do not have a login account, simply request one by clicking the blue box below. Once that is created, you will be ready to enroll students. If you have questions or would like a brief tutorial on using the Portal please contact us using the information listed below.

Contact Information:
Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC)
(501) 492-4300